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Starsense Explorer

I have been using the Starsense Explorer app for a while now and I really like it.

One of the many issue a newcomer to the hobby is locating objects in the night sky. It can be time consuming and frustrating to say the least, and most of all disheartening. It can make you feel like you're doing it all wrong.

Celestron have solved this issue with their starsense Explorer app. It's a simple and easy way to learn the wonders of the night sky. They have incorporated an app with their visual telescopes which can be set up in seconds and get you observing those mysterious DSO's

I recently spent a night under the stars with celestron's new range of starsense Explorer dobsonian telescope's.

I created a video in the field showing just how easy it is to get going.

I would like to just say that I would advise you to make sure the app is up to date as if you like to visit those dark remote locations signal can be somewhat sparse. I encountered this whilst out and took me 40mins to download a 312mb update.

On this note I'd also recommend you take a power bank if you're planning on staying out all night. Apps are draining on your battery depending on how old your device is.

On this night I was out with a friend who hadn't done any visual work through a telescope and I was able to hop around the sky showing him some of the fantastic deep sky objects which can be tricky to locate even for the well experienced visual telescope users.

Overall we had an excellent experience using the Starsense Explorer dobsonian and app, I would highly recommend this for first time users and for anyone who is serious about ticking off those targets.

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